RE:  Hi again

Date Tue 23 May 2006 04:42: 31 +0000

From: "Sladja Bogdanovic"
To: malcolm baker

We celebrate Christmas too.

Here is warm weather after lots of rain. I prepare my exams nice and slowly when my kids is in

Subject: Hi again
Date Tue 23 May 2006 12:21:03 +1200
>It is raining this morning. I know I have a bullet proof case, but I try
>not to think about that. Work goes on.
>Yesterday afternoon was sunny. Beautiful. Quite a surprise.
>There will be no picking today. I haven't thought about that for ages.
>They are worried about frosts. They are picking the lowest areas first
>but they are short of people. They should pay a bit more, like
>another 4 dollars per hour.
>It is just rain. But this room is warm. It is teh dining room. I'll send
>what I wrote, we celebrate christmas here. Do you celebrate christmas?


RE: Sladja,

Date Tue 23 May 2006 07:06: 52 +0000

From: "Sladja Bogdanovic"
To: malcolm baker

Everything is on private enterprise we don't get anything from government 'cause here money from government get only really poor people but that's nothing they get only 10 euro/month so my situation is really terrible

Subject: Sladja
Date Tue 23 May 2006 18: 33:45 +1200
>   Hi,
Do you mind speaking frankly about money.
>if I had to rate my financial situation from 1 to 10, with 5 being poor
>but comfortable, 7 being rich a being super rich and 4 being struggling,
>I would put myself on 6. I have enough to eat and pay the bill, but my
>income is inadequate, but on the other hand I can fix the problem
>because work is available.
>I know the UN has been withholding money on Serbia ao the country will
>hand over one of your Generals.
>What is your situation really. Do you have enough money coming every
>week from the government, or do you rely on private enterprise.
>I need to know how seriously to take the situation because I feel as
>though I could work harder.


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