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11th May 2018

This is the first of a series of weekly letters which I shall make available at church on Sunday.
At the top is a copy of a painting I pained, at 70% of its original size. It is from the bible, a quote from Matthew 16:23.
Over the past two years and more I have been writing letters to the  Bishop of Wellington and Christchurch and the Archbishops of New Zealand, Cape Town and Canterbury, making specific revelations and claims about my life, with little or no acknowledgement  or reaction.
 For instance, I told the archbishop Philip Richardson that as a child

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are predetermined, for example the point where Jesus comes into conflict with Pilate.

My Grandfather is not the only person I claim to have been in a former life. In a painting which some of you have seen I mention Louis Armstrong, David Beckham, Andrew Parker-Bowles, Neil Armstrong, and Albert Einstein. I could have added Sir Isaac Newton and many others.
  To some this may sound conceited, arrogant or deluded. It doesn't matter. What does matter is what I can prove, and the few cases where I know something which only I and one other person know that to be true.
 The specific examples of this point to one thing which I shall discuss in a future letter or revelation. (See  #7, #10 an #11 to start with).
  We all believe in God. I know where Jesus went after he "died", the same place he came from, but it wasn't this planet, although it was this solar system. He was there exclusively, but difficult to prove because only he an God know the truth.
  More next week. Malcolm Baker. Much love.

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of about two, I visited my Grandfather who lived in Auckland with my Grandmother, and late on night, when everyone except he and I were asleep, I got up and went into the room where he was painting a picture of a ship, which was one of his hobbies.
 He was a captain, and captained the Southern Cross V which took missionaries of the Melanesian Mission to the islands of the pacific, and brought back nurses to train in New Zealand. His story is in 'Lord of the Southern Isles' the story of the Melanesian Mission by C.E. Fox, chapter 19, Ship of the Mission, p 258. Captain AHW (Henry/Harry) Burgess took command in 1911, and died in 1957, two years after I was born.
 He was the father of my mother Mary (Baker) and Dorothy (Osborne), Jessica (Kramer-Walter) and Margery.
 Sitting on his knee that night, he let me paint some of the funnels, but not the sky, and we had a discussion about the colour was 'Buff' or bluff as I kept calling it. "Alright then" he said, "it's bluff."
 The point of the story is that I claim to have been my grandfather, despite the fact that I sat on his knee. It would be impossible for many people to believe that although a man, or woman has one body -and one soul, in fact that soul could exist twice in two different

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places at the same time. This is what makes me unique.
  It is possible too that Jesus was both Peter and himself, Peter having existed before Jesus.
 To put this another way, imagine that Jesus had a grandfather, and that he was the father of Mary, Jesus' mother. This was the man who taught the family the Lord's prayer, which they said before eating.
  So where did Harry fit in the scheme of things if he later went on to become Jesus?
  Jesus said in John 8:23 'Again He said to them: I Am going away. You will look for me and you will die in your sin. Where I am going, you cannot come.
  My Grandfather told the family and my mother in the 1930' that he was worried about the situation in Germany and that he thought there was going to be a war.They were at home when Germany invaded Poland.
  My Grandfather saw the 1940's and later, because he was physically living 2000 year in the future, went back to become born as Jesus.
  This is impossible to comprehend because it reveals a lot more about God than we knew before. We really are a dream in God's imagination, and although we believe in free will, a lot of the lives


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