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Wuhan martial arts school
The Wuhan Martial Arts style as referred to in the film Crouching Hidden Tiger Dragon,
is a lost school, known only to the originator of the style.
Jet Li was a scholar from the Shaolin Temple, which is flourishing today.
Some is practiced by the Shaolin Warrior Monks, but they have their own school and style.
In the film, House of flying daggers it tells the story of how a group of women try unsuccessfully to steal the secrets of the Wuhan Style without paying for them.
Shaolin graduates are masters of the Flying Gold Star, a five pointed throwing star which was used to  re-establish law and order in what is present day Korea, when the Chinese Government made arbitary laws about the picking up of firewood for cooking stoves, and other matters. It established the brand name (Lucky) Gold Star. (LG)



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