Court Judgment


Hearing 17th January

This is an application for a compulsory community treatment order. It is
opposed by Malcolm Baker, who is represented by Mr Tuck. The evidence
presented to me would indicate that Malcolm has been engaging in some
bizarre behaviour. I am told that in the view of the psychiatrist he
suffers from persecutory beliefs. These cause him on occasion it is
believed to become confrontational with other people, some of whom
become alarmed at aspects of his behaviour.

This conflict it is suggested makes him susceptible to the risk of being
abused or assaulted by others. It is that it is submitted which amounts
to a serious inability to care for himself. I have spoken to Malcolm
today. It may be that some of his beliefs are by normal standards
somewhat odd, and Mr Tuck maybe correct in suggesting as he did that
some of his behaviours might be described as eccentric.

The evidence does not persuade me that either of the limbs and for
definition of mentally disordered in the Act are satisfied in this case,
I am simply not able to find evidence which would satisfy me that
Malcolm's ability to care for himself is seriously diminished. Certainly
in terms of his self-care that could not possibly be said to be the
case. It is significant that his property is being managed by the
Guardian Trust Company an order to that effect having been made under
the Protection of Personal Property Rights Act.

In all circumstances the evidence fails to satisfy me that I should make
an order today, and will not. It may be that Malcolm needs to very
seriously consider the wisdom of some of his actions. I have a concern
about his engagement with a woman from the former Yugoslavia with whom
he is in touch through the Internet. I suspect that there are risks
there to Malcolm, and personally I am pleased that his property manager
has declined him access to funds for the purpose of bringing that lady
to New Zealand, however today the application is declined.

J.O. Donovan
Family Court Judge.


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 The picture from Sladja's home page I showed the judge for the hearing.


The first picture I saw of her, which really caught my heart. 

 What business is it of theirs, my friends say, who I choose or do not choose to mix with, marry, correspond with or engage with?

Judge Donnovan says he has some concerns. What concerns? I already told him I suspect her husband of beating her. Mr Collins of Guardian Trust, who has been made redundant said he would not consider my spending $20,000 to bring Sladja and her family out here. He wanted her to write to him, but she refused. Mr Patterson after the property management order was made, asked to see her letters to me. Why? In fact I relelented and gave him some. 

Here are a sample of them. Nothing to see here folks.

RE: Hello Baby,

Date Tue 02 May 2006 16:38: 12 +0000

From: "Sladja Bogdanovic"


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