R406                                                                                                                                      PPPR22



In the Family Court

at Tauranga

New Zealand Guardian Trust

On application made to it, the Court makes an order appointing:

New Zealand Guardian Trust Limited

to act as manager of property belonging to Malcolm James Lorenzo Baker of Maketu.

This order applies to all the property of Malcolm James Lorenzo Baker.

The manager has, in respect of the property to which this order relates, the following rights and powers, all of which are specified in clause 1 of Schedule 1 of the protection of personal and Property Rights Act 1998: 1 (a), (b),(c),(d),(r),(s) and (y).

There shall be an order pursuant to s54(2) Protection of Property and Personal Rights Act 1988 that Malcolm may only make a testamentary disposition by leave of the Court.

The manager shall make an enquiry as to the existence of any testamentary disposition made by Malcolm and shall report to the Court as to those enquiries by 1 December 2007.

The reasonable costs and disbursements of counsel appointed for Malcolm and of the applicant shall be paid from the estate of Malcolm.

In the event of an appeal being lodged, the order is not to be suspended, in whole or in part, pending the determination of the appeal.

The manager must apply to this Court for a review of this order not later than 28 August 2010. This order shall expire on 28 August 2010 unless, on a review of the order, the Court decides that it shall continue beyond that date.

(Seal of Family Court)______(signed)________________

Deputy Registrar

D Hawker

28 August 2007





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